What are commercial plumbing emergencies

Owning a property is wonderful. However, there are some aspects that you face  along the way, and these can give you frustrations, especially if not dealt with immediately. One of these is having plumbing emergencies. Aside from causing inconvenience, it can also bring damage to the natural structure of your property. 

There are plumbing emergencies that are simple to fix, but there are also that require you to call a professional plumber to have the issue resolved. We will discuss the common plumbing issues most commercial owners face.

Clogged drains

This is a common plumbing problem for most homeowners. Commercial buildings suffer from this problem too. The truth is, commercial buildings experience this problem often because of the large volume of waste that passes through the drain, especially in restaurants and cafes. Kitchen drains in these spaces suffer more blockages and clogged drains, so it has become quite an issue that is always needed immediate fixing.

Most people in commercial buildings don’t necessarily pay more attention to taking care of the drain than they would in their homes. This results in more debris and large amounts of waste passing through the drain, which is often the cause of the blockage and clogged drains. To avoid this kind of problem, people should avoid dumping certain waste down the sink. Corn, grease, fats and scratches should not be thrown out in the drain. 

Clogged drains are easy to deal with. There are solutions you can use from applying chemical drain cleaners to using sink plungers. If you are still unable to make your drain function properly after several attempts, then it would be best to call a certified plumber to look at the problem.

Clogged toilets and toilets overflow

Just like the drain, toilets can easily get clogged in commercial buildings simply because there are many people who use it on a  daily basis. Most of the time, toilets are clogged due to people flushing down certain items like feminine products. Although it can be remedied by using a plunger, some issues get serious thus require the attention of a plumber.

Toilet overflow is an emergency that needs immediate action. Aside from water loss, it can create water damage to your property. It is important to block off the area if toilet overflow happens because the waterflood often has water contaminants on them. You should not let the water sit for too long because the longer it remains sitting, the more damage it will create. You should call a plumber right away and have it fixed. Once it has been fixed, the area should be properly sanitised.

Water leaking

Leakages are common in commercial plumbing. Leaks can come from water pipes, sinks, faucets or toilets. These leaks are often caused by worn pipes or perhaps a damaged seal, washer or O-rings. Water leaks can quickly cause havoc in your commercial property such as mould, rot and mildew.

If you notice water in your flooring or water stains in your wall, there might be leaking issues in your plumbing. Try to observe first if the water is returning even after it has been wiped out. Once it is indeed returning, then call a plumber to inspect your plumbing system. Early detection can help you save money from serious damage that water leaks may cause.

When it comes to plumbing emergencies, waiting too long before contacting a professional plumber can make the problem worse. While there are issues that can be dealt with through DIY solutions, there are also problems that need the expertise of a professional plumber from commercial plumbing services. Waiting too long can create more damage which means expensive repairs. Aside from that, it can also pose potential health risks to the people that occupy the commercial building in the form of moulds, mildew and other related issues. 

While it’s true that calling a professional plumber may result in spending money for service fees, However, the cost of paying a plumber will always cost you less compared to the amount you will be spending to repair the damages if you just let the problem sit for a long time. Plumbing emergencies are stressful, frustrating, and a serious headache. But if you work with a professional, you are assured that the problems are resolved effectively.